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The most important part of grinding is having a slick surface to grind. That's where the wax comes in.
If you are grinding rails then wax isn't really that important, but if you want or need your rail to be faster then you should use a harder wax, like parafin.
If you are grinding curbs or planters or something of that sort then you have to use wax. If you don't then you will tear your skates up very fast and you probably will get hung up on the curb and fall!!!
There are many, many different theories about waxing curbs, but which one is the best I don't know. I just use parafin that I got from a craft store(in the candle making section). It's really cheap and it works pretty darn good. I found a recipe for making a wax that is supposed to be the best wax ever, but I modified it a little bit. I have tried this wax out and it slides like butta!!! It's really fast on curbs and planters, but i haven't tried it on a rail and I don't think I'm going to because it is so fast. If you try it on a rail, email me and tell me the results.

My Modified Recipe For The "Best Wax Ever"


Wax(I used about 4 ounces)

Pertoleum Jelly(I used about 3 spoon fulls)


Double Boiler (or something else to melt the wax)

Something To Pour The Wax Into (like a cardboard milk carton)


1. Melt your wax. I melt my wax in a coke can over a candle because I live in a dorm room and don't have the luxury of a stove. Other wise you can use a double boiler or something. I don't know much about that though.

2. Add the petroleum jelly to the liquid wax and let it melt.

3. Pour the HOT liquid into what ever you want to be your mold. I used an empty deodorant tube. That way it dosen't get all over your pockets and hands.

4. Let your new wax harden. You could put it in the freezer but don't leave it in there too long because it will crack and then it won't work.

If you want to spice up your new skate wax you can melt some crayons in with it to make it different colors. You can also pour in some wax from a scented candle to make your wax smell good.


The liquid wax is very HOT and can BURN the crap out of you, so be careful while working with the HOT wax. I guess what I am trying to say is use Common Sence

Applying Your New Wax

This wax that I have just taught you how to make is a softer wax so you will probably want to apply a fairly thick layer of harder wax like parafin or a candle first.

To apply the first layer just rub the hard wax onto the top and side of whatever you are grinding on. Get it on there pretty thick.

Next, rub the wax I just told you how to make onto the layer of the harder wax.

After that, apply another layer of the harder wax. This dosen't need to be as thick as the first layer, this layer is just to keep the soft layer from wearing off so fast.

And finally, Enjoy your waxed curb or whatever.